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Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is celebrating its 75th year. I have a humorous short story in the September/October 2016 issue titled "The Pact." It's set in a conference near D.C. (any resemblance to Malice Domestic is purely coincidental!) Here's the premise: Years ago, as a joke 5 mystery writers agreed that if one of them ever started to lose it and wouldn't quit writing, one of the other 4 would kill her so that her reputation wouldn't be tarnished.
That's the premise, now here's the contest: send me an eMail through this website (click the "Contact Margaret" button over on the right of this page). Put "CONTEST" in the subject line and list the real life names of 4 of those 5 writers that I fictionalized. [Hint: fictional initials are not necessarily the same as real ones.]  The entry with the most correct names will win a copy of that issue, autographed by all 4 of the real living writers. If more than one correct list is received, I'll do a random drawing. The contest ends October 5th.
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