My books are available in bookstores, or they may be ordered online from most mystery bookstores. Most are now available for purchase from Barnes & Noble.com or Amazon.com for your electronic reading device.  (See the pages for my Sigrid Harald and Deborah Knott series for more information about ebook editions.)

For signed and/or personalized books, email my local bookstore, books@quailridgebooks.com in Raleigh, NC. Give them an email address or daytime phone number where you may be reached, and they will get back to you with rates. There is no extra charge for a signature or inscription. Just tell the clerk to let me know, because I'm in the store almost every week.

Audiocassette versions of several of the Deborah Knott books are available from RecordedBooks.comRecorded Books has voiced all the Deborah Knott books. They are also available for download through Audible.com (US) and Audible.co.uk.

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