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Originally published in hardcover (left) by Mysterious Press, 1985. Ebook edition (right) published by Maron & Company, 2011.

Book Description

New York attorney Clayton Gladwell is found dead, his office looted, and Lieutenant Sigrid Harald takes on the investigation. But from the first there are too many anomalies for the detective's liking: the blue folders which hold Gladwell's "personal" case files, and evidence that he made blackmail a profitable side business.

Prying open the secrets of the dead man's clients is like lifting the lid off a star-studded Pandora's box. There's millionaire financier Justin Trent, who has just recovered his kidnapped grandson; Elena Dorato, the most mysterious screen star of the forties and a suicide; Penelope Naughton, a reclusive, once wildly successful member of the Algonquin Round Table; and aging Helmut Dussel, a suddenly wealthy immigrant who seems too old and frail to take advantage of his windfall.

For endless, sticky midsummer hours Sigrid and her staff pursue an enigmatic trail that leads into blind alleys, confusing cover-ups, and false clues. Then, as if that weren't enough, the homicide investigation suddenly heats up as a second and then a third victim fall to the faceless killer. And now it's a race against time to unravel the puzzling mystery and stop this maniac hell-bent on murder.


Critical Praise for Death in Blue Folders 

“There’s a certain elegance of writing, a generosity with atmosphere, sense of place, and details of character . . . A near-perfect book for a lazy afternoon at the beach, tall cool drink close at hand.”  (The News and Observer, Raleigh, NC) 

“Literate, quite amusing and well constructed.”  (The Birmingham [England] Post) 

“Lt. Harald is a pleasant mix of feminine caring and tough dedication in this teasing thriller.”  (Liverpool Daily Post)




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