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Originally published in hardcover (left) by Mysterious Press, 1995. Ebook edition (right) published by Maron & Company, 2012.

Book Description

Lt. Sigrid Harald—prickly, difficult, brilliant at solving baffling cases—returns for the eighth and final book in this series. Losing a fellow officer in a shoot-out is enough to rattle her cool, controlled demeanor, but she is also devastated by the loss of her lover, world-famous Oscar Nauman. She withdraws from her colleagues, her career, her life; but she cannot escape the art world. Nauman has left her his paintings worth millions and galleries are clamoring to sell them.

Just as time has faded the warm flesh tones early Italian masters used when painting the Madonna, time lets Sigrid begin to see through the vibrant surface of New York’s art world to the interplay of revenge and greed beneath. When a shocking homicide occurs, it hits close to home for Sigrid, implicating Oscar’s friends and fellow artists. Fugitive Colors goes beyond the simple whodunit to combine a top-notch mystery with a portrait of a woman cop indelibly changed—able to notice the background details, the subtle shades, and the feelings that ultimately damn or save us all.

Critical Praise for Fugitive Colors

“Maron adeptly constructs her affecting mystery out of distinctive blend of art-world politics, past crimes and present grief.”  (Publishers Weekly, Starred review)

“Margaret Maron’s sexy, savvy Judge Deborah Knott . . . remains the belle of the ball, but the quiet lieutenant is no wallflower.”  (Philadelphia Inquirer)

“As always, Maron offers readers an intriguing, entertaining story.”  (Booklist)

“One of the very best of this excellent series by one of the United States’ best mystery novelists.”  (The Globe and Mail [Toronto]) 

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